Monday, February 9, 2009

Mmmm - Tastes Like Asparagus!

The green stuff from yesterday’s entry turned out to be very good.  It did indeed taste like asparagus, but a little stronger and a bit tangy - but good with no ill effects.  We have also been enjoying mangos - very delicious and refreshing.

Sleeping started out well last night.  I was wiped out by 9:00 and lay down and soon was out until about midnight when I had a yet unidentified creature crawl across my neck.  I instinctively grabbed it and threw it away from me.  I didn’t experience any poisonous bites or swelling, so I guess I’ve survived another adventure.  I did not, however, sleep that well for the rest of the night.  Any slight tingle or the curtain moving against my leg put me on high alert.  It was hot, but not unbearably through the night.

Jonathan has been taking great care of us.  The laundry was done and the meals have been very tasty.  He also is very inventive.  He made french toast this morning, but since we didn’t have syrup (not many maple trees on Bougainville) he made his own by boiling down sugar and water.  It really was quite nice - not over sweet as maple sometimes can be. 

The first day of class went well.  We only had three students to start, because three of the
 students thought class began next week.  They arrived mid afternoon.  The day began with devotions, singing and prayer.  Then introductions were made and I began my class.

With only three students, it went faster than I anticipated and we were done a bit early.  I hope I was able to communicate O.K.  One of the students was quite sharp but another was very shy and I’m not sure he understands English well enough to keep up.  Have I mentioned that it’s hot here?  By the end of class, my shirt was soaked through.  Clothes won’t last long here as I am going through a couple sets per day.  

I was reflecting on the remoteness of this place.  When I was in Zambia, it was backward and Haiti was oppressive, but both places were very advanced in the tools that can be put into the hands of pastors there.  Both places the pastors have computers and many have laptops.  They have access to books and other basic tools for preaching.  This country has almost nothing.  I am very glad to be able to provide the NIV study bibles for the students.  It will give them the most basic, but adequate starting place. On the other hand, almost everyone carries a cell phone now.  They only came in a year ago but most have them and have adapted quickly to the technology.  Texting is the choice of communication as it is cheaper here than talk minutes.  

Had a brief walk around the neighborhood with Jeff this evening.  Saw a few interesting sights including a cocoa tree with pods on it.  MMMMM chocolate!  But it wasn’t ours to harvest.  A nice evening meal and a shower and I am ready to call it a day.

Tasol!  (That’s all!)


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