Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bougainville Update

I spoke with Jeff Fussner, area director for the Pacific Area for Global Partners on skype - (what a great tool!)  We will probably be spending a couple days in Paupua New Guinea on our way to meet with the Keilholtz and then on to Bouganville from there - so I will get a little extra experience out of this trip.  

I will be teaching in the morning for three hours each day Monday through Friday and then we will be visiting churches on the weekends.  This means I will probably be preaching in a couple places (more experience!).  I will also have to wear a tie on Sundays - I think I know where I put them - Fortunately, no suit is required.  It is supposed to be really hot!

I may also get some snorkeling in - more ocean time in!  I got to get into the east side of the Pacific in November when the staff from Faith went out to SanDiego for an outreach conference.  I surfed!  Well, I was up for 5 to 10 feet, but it was witnessed by Scott Ferguson, so it is official.  I had much better luck just riding the board in on my belly.  

I'm getting into water sports, apparently, because I also just bought a kayak.  I wasn't brave enough to try it before the river froze over because I'm pretty sure I WILL tip it over a time or two before I get the hang of it.  I got hooked in October when our friends, Will and Johanna Bennetts brought their three person canoe out and we floated the Looking Glass River from downtown DeWitt to near our home.  What a great day - I want to do more of that.  I so enjoyed the tranquility - and, unlike my bicycle - no gravel trucks passing two feet away.  

We leave for New Zealand on January 12, so I will keep posted here and on Facebook what is happening.


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