Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'd Pay To See That III - The Aftermath

UPDATE: Getting Close - but not as close as my haircut!


Thanks to: Don & Sandy, Brandy & Judy, Greg & Jen, Marcia!, Eric & Janine, Norine, Gary & Cindy, Tom, John & Sheila, Dennis & Shirley, Dan & Sonya, Jason & Joann, Marc, Kathy & Christina, Brett, Kristen, Rhys & Raegan, Carl & MaryBeth, Bob & Sandy, Dave, Amy & Sydney Joel (whose occasional "hand on top of head" pose I now totally understand), Tracy, Kate, Seth & Riley and Cleo and Kathleen.

I came up short of the $1K goal but it is still not too late to contribute. I did my part in faith, please take part in making a difference in the lives of kids and their families.

So, the day came and I now have a very short haircut. Just little tiny bristles left. My hat fits more loosely, but doesn't come off because the little bristles act like velcro!

There were a large number of people from the church who had their heads shaved. It was a very positive experience in many ways. Team Hawk (named after the son of Doug and Kim and brother of Stephen and Kelly) collected several thousand dollars and made a huge impact on those there to observe. It was a privilege to be part of this.

Doug and Kelly on far left - Stephen in blue shirt - front on right.

My friend, Diane was the only woman to have her locks shorn in our group. What a sacrifice and what a hoot she is! Thanks to all who supported us. I should have the video up in a day or two.


BJ said...

It looks good! Better than the bubble head photoshop prediction...

Well done - a great cause for sure.

Jason Miller said...

Very aerodynamic!! Might want to keep it in preparation for the Big Ride later this year.

Awesome cause and much respect for you and all those from Faith who laid it down in memory of Hawk,

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