Friday, February 8, 2008

I love my job!

I have got to be one of the most fortunate guys in the world. I love my job ... almost every day.

I get to connect with people around the world and from time to time travel to see them. Coming in April, Marcia and I will be going to Jamaica to visit "Our Father's House" - a home for children there run by Jim and Penne Koch. I've met Jim and there have been several Faith church folk who have gone in recent years.

I get to be creative and hang out with creative people. Yesterday an impromptu staff meeting broke out in my office and Brandon, Scott and I began talking about big ideas and dreaming what ifs. The three J's (Judy, Jennifer and Joanna) are great to work with and inspire me to do better.

I also get to give things away in Jesus' name. This month we are doing activity bags for children at Sparrow Hospital. I envisioned nice little bags of coloring books and crayons and a few other little things with them. Then one of our guys who works with Toys for Tots stepped up - They have a backlog of some items that were not distributed and he wanted to get them in the hands of kids who can really use and enjoy them. So with permission of the higher ups, I have two huge boxes of really cool toys that we'll be able to share with shut in kids this next week.

This weekend I am performing a wedding for a young couple I just met. Not my usual M-O, but they live out of state, so another pastor counseled with them. I got to do a couple sessions with them yesterday and today. They are a neat couple and it is my privilege to get to speak into the lives of these two just getting started.

Are there days I don't experience pure joy? Of course. But more often than not I'm saying, "I love my job!"


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