Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jay Leno Commentary - NOT

Here we go again. I got one of those chain forwards that are almost as annoying as Blogs. It quoted commedian Jay Leno as defending the President and current state of affairs in the USA. It's very well written and makes some great points about the citizens of the US being spoiled brats crying about how bad things are while we enjoy nearly every advantage. Actually, I thought it was pretty well stated. Only problem is, it was not written by the great lantern-jawed one. Leno is quoted at the end of the piece and people take it that he wrote the rest of it, even though it sounds very little like his style or content. The actual author,is Craig R. Smith and it was published on at Thanksgiving, 2006.

I have gotten into the habit of checking out things like this because so many of us, and Christians in particular, are quick to pick these up and begin shouting and passing them along as if it could be found in the King James Bible. Two classics that keep recurring are the Madelyne O'Hare trying to get Christian Radio banned or that the Procter and Gamble logo contains Satanic symbols. So, please! When you get one of these things, check it out before forewarding to your entire mailing list. If we want others to listen to the WORD we proclaim, our other words should be well considered.

If you want to read the article and disclaimer that inspired this rant, go to:

8 comments:'s a beautiful day! :) said...

i appreciate you doing the research...i too got this forward and was a bit ticked! definitely did NOT forward it on to any others...however i did notice it got a LOT of press in the online community world!

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